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Synopses of the Articles

The chakras are spiritual energies vital to us as spiritual beings. Jesus knew of these energies, and his teachings on them can be found in the New Testament. Knowledge of the chakras as found in New Testament texts and teachings allows us to revision Christian spirituality and to gain a deeper understanding of light and love and their power to transform us and our world, which lay at the heart of Jesus’ life and mission.

Sexual Energy and Christ Consciousness, one of a series of articles on the chakras in the New Testament, examines these teachings, which are found in parables and other New Testament texts rich in symbolism. We will explore what these teachings tell us about the use and misuse of these vital energies, especially the energies of the chakras associated with sex. What we find in these teachings is a profound understanding of sexual energies and how they are tied to the attainment of higher spiritual states and, ultimately, to union with God.

Image of Rose in BloomThe next article, The Heart Chakra and the Kingdom of God, explores Jesus’ teachings on the heart chakra found in key New Testament texts that can be reasonably interpreted to refer to the heart chakra. This discussion of the heart chakra includes a broader  of examination of New Testament passages that strongly suggest that Jesus knew and taught about the chakras. As a master of love, Jesus would also have known of the heart chakra as the place within us where we experience most intensely the energies of love. The article goes on to explain how an understanding of the heart chakra can help us better comprehend what Jesus meant by the kingdom of God and how this kingdom can be attained, which was fundamental to Jesus’ teachings and mission.

The third article, The Apocalypse of Light in the New Testament, discusses light as of the very nature of Jesus and at the heart of his mission of salvation. Going beyond most interpretations of light in the New Testament, this post explains that references to light in the gospels and other New Testament text are to a reality we are called to know and become. It argues that light is the answer Jesus taught in response to a world in need of redemption. The high vibration of light, synonymous with love, dispels the darkness at the root of personal and collective problems. The article also shows that throughout the New Testament are apocalypses, or unveilings, of the truth about light and it power to transform us and our world.Apocalytpic Light 1

The fourth article, The Lost Churches of the New Testament, points out that Jesus knew and taught about the energy centers which today we call chakras. His teachings on the chakras are found in the Book of Revelation and in certain gospel passages. These teachings, as with his teachings on light, are central to understanding spiritual change on personal and global levels. However, his revelations about the chakras have been lost to the Christian world for the past 2000 years. The Lost Churches of the New Testament argues that an understanding of the chakras and their energies is critical for our world today, which is in desperate need of spiritual transformation and renewal.

You will also find a visualization invoking the violet light of the Holy Spirit. You can use this visualization to cleanse and clear the energies of the chakras, which are located in our energy body, as well as the energies of our mental and emotional bodies. The violet light can also be used in visualization and prayer to bring into balance and health the physical body and its many components.

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